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Harbor Restoration Showcase

Harbor Restoration, funded in 2014, is a STEM-C project focused on Science for Middle School grade levels. Here is some featured work.



Curriculum and Community Enterprise for the Restoration of New York Harbor through New York City Public Schools
Watch Video Research consistently shows that children who have opportunities to actively investigate natural settings and engage in problem-based learning greatly benefit from the experiences. They gain skills, interests, knowledge,…   more >

In The Press
Press Conference to Launch Billion Oyster Project Schools Program

This is a local news article discussing our recent press conference (Oct. 30) to announce the NSF grant and funding...   more >

In The Press
Pace University To Lead Consortium Awarded $5m NSF Grant For "Curriculum And Community Enterprise For New York Harbor Restoration In New York City Public Schools”

"Pace Universitys School of Education Assistant Clinical Professor Lauren Birney Ed. D joined with former President Bill Clinton and New...   more >

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